Must-Try Luxury Food: Sustainable Caviar

The intricate process behind making sustainable caviar, and how to eat caviar like a true connoisseur.

Caviar Per Sé Caviar Per Se Sustainable Caviar

Caviar, a delicacy made of wild sturgeon roe primarily from the Caspian Sea, is a sought-after delicacy. However, sturgeon in the Caspian Sea is reportedly declining, which prompted us to research other options. 

Sustainable caviar is a popular choice because it’s virtually the same thing as regular caviar, except it is produced on farms by using an eco-friendly process. 

Known as “Ibiza’s most popular caviar,” Caviar Per Sé is the largest sustainable farm of sturgeon in the world. The company, founded in Spain in 1956, specializes in sustainable, certified organic caviar.

We asked company reps at Caviar Per Sé to give us details on the process of making sustainable caviar, and how to eat caviar like a true connoisseur! In an e-mail, here’s what they told us: 

INDULGE REPORT: What is the process of farming sustainable caviar?

CAVIAR PER SÉ: Our caviar comes directly from the farm in Navarra. The two most important things are the quality of the water and the food we use for the sturgeons. Caviar Per se is farmed in a open location in Navarra, North Spain, where the pure water from thawed ice of the Pyrenees nourish the pools. The pools are located next to the Aragon river and it provides high quality water without recirculation because the water goes by the pools and end back to the river. As we are looking for the optimal development of the roe, we have to wait 14 to 16 years before we can harvest the eggs. Fattening intensive growth is not pursued. This requires a high quality feed and time of slower growth. Beside, we are also controlled of all discharges into the river. It means that the water that goes inside the pools is the same than the water that goes outside in the river. We are feeding the sturgeon with organic food that is formulate to generates less residue. All those special cares makes the Caviar Per Sé farm a sustainable farm and pioneers in obtaining organic certifications. We have happy sturgeon! 

Sustainable Eco Friendly Caviar

Caviar Per Sé is the largest sustainable farm of sturgeon in the world. The caviar is certified organic, a popular choice at restaurants on the island of Ibiza.
The farm is located at the Aragón River, and provides high quality water from the melting snow of the Pyrenees.

INDULGE REPORT: What is your most popular, best-selling product?

CAVIAR PER SÉ: The Caviar Per Sé “Gold”! Per Sé Caviar comes from the mother company “Caviar Pirinea” where a different range of products are proposed. We have the caviar Gold & Black from the sturgeon Acipencer Naccarii, the caviar from Acipenser Baerii and we also provide smoked and fresh sturgeon as well as the smoked trout and trout eggs. In Ibiza, our best-selling product is the Caviar Gold Traditional, rich in subtlety, silky and tender to the touch. It has a brown-gold color. The caviar Black is the same, taste-wise, but it has a darker color and the size of the eggs is a bit smaller. Our clients love it!

INDULGE REPORT: How should we serve caviar? What should we pair it with? 

CAVIAR PER SÉ:  Caviar Per Sé is nice served with Champagne to stimulate your taste buds. Also, you can enjoy it with blinis, toasts, potatoes and fresh cream or simply served on top of your hand, where the heat of your body opens the flavor of caviar. There are a thousands ways to eat caviar, the best is the one you chose. I like to eat it on top of my hand or simply from the tin, shared with friends.

INDULGE REPORT: Where should we eat caviar?

CAVIAR PER SÉ: There are many ways to serve caviar in summer! You can share it on the boat at sunset with your friends or at your villa for the aperitif near the pool. At the beach for a romantic picnic… you can enjoy our caviar in the best Gastro-Beach Clubs, hotels and restaurants. 

Caviar Per Sé can be ordered online and delivered fresh within one day. To order Caviar Per Sé, go to or send an email to or call directly +34 673 36 32 02. The price of Caviar Per Sé’s black caviar is 2 euros ($2.21) per gram and 2,6 euros/g for the Gold Traditional caviar at retail stores in Ibiza. It is available in tins of various sizes 20g – 30g – 50g – 100g – 200g or more upon request.